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Some people were born to head corporate organizations and to sit in boardroom meetings while others were born to do manual and handy work. Some people were born to be creative and this is the category within which most writers fall. Are you the kind of person that wonders how you can make money with your skill of word play? If you are you will be happy to know that you can start and maintain writer jobs as a full time career.

The advent of technology and the growth of the internet have led to an increase of writer jobs that are to be found practically everywhere. If you think you have information to put across and can do so well by using semantics then there is no shortage of writing jobs for you. What remains is for you to know where to look and you are ready to begin a long and fulfilled writing career.

This is obviously the biggest question on any aspiring writer out there and it is a good place to start of this article. Writer jobs are available everywhere. Your passion for writing is what will lead you to where they are. The most common places that you are likely to find these kinds of writer jobs include:

On the internet. This is probably the largest platform there is for writer jobs. A budding writer can start writing as a hobby to better his or her skill. That said, there are many websites out there that give writers an opportunity to register with them. By doing this they expose themselves to people that are looking to have experienced and professionals writers pen their work according to their different needs.

Apart from registering for such sites, writer jobs also come in form of academic papers needing to be written. You probably know how taxing this requirement can be, more so when there is a deadline to be met. Many students are therefore opting to pay a small fee to have an academic paper written for them. For a writer this can eventually become a full time writer job especially if one has vast experience in a specific field of study.

Writer jobs on the internet also allow an individual to become self-employed somewhat. How you ask? Many writers have been able to do this my starting out their own blogs that focus on a captivating niche where they include advertisements within the articles found on their blog. Depending on the readers who visit their blog and get captivated by the advertised products or services, the writers then receive a small but decent amount for directing traffic to a website that is selling the goods and services that they had posted on their blog. For a writer with an entrepreneurial mind, they can sell their very own products and services on their own blog in the same way.

If you are a writer that is not afraid of taking on big projects, writer jobs can also present themselves in the form of eBook requests as well as writing biographies or reading, proofreading and editing books.
Outsourcing writer bureaus. Many companies offering writing services are also an option for someone who wants to pursue writer jobs. In order to find out where the bureau's are found one has to do a bit of research on the ground for themselves.
Magazines and newspapers. As you well know, news is needed every day. More so for magazine and newspaper publications. Writer jobs are therefore created by the nature that they need content like for  help with my essay regarding a wide variety of topics. As a budding or seasoned writer, you therefore stand a great chance of bagging a writer job by writing newsworthy pieces that are guided by newsworthiness, human interest, oddities, or conflict. Such writers are referred to as correspondents and even though they are not permanent employees of a particular media house they earn money by regularly submitting newsworthy pieces.


Writer jobs offer one an opportunity of doing something you love. Research has shown that people who do what they love get a higher feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.
You will get paid doing something that you love. Truth be told, not many people are happy in their current jobs. Count yourself lucky if you can be among the few people that actually earn big doing something they absolutely love.
Writer jobs can be done from virtually anywhere. Your only tools of trade you would need are the words and a computer or laptop and possibly an internet connection. You do not have to work from an office. You can work from home, in the park, at a restaurant, just anywhere!
Writer jobs pay well. As a writer you are in full control of what you make at the end of the day. The more jobs you take on, the more the pay.
You can work for more than one client at a time. Depending on the areas you have chosen to expose yourself to, writer jobs let you work with more than one client at a time and you can set your own deadlines with each individual clients needs.
Writer jobs allow you to take a break when you need to. Unlike a regular job, a writer can take a few hours off the computer to refresh themselves before they can get back to work. This is a luxury many people wish to have within their day.
Writer jobs allow you to increase your writing skills and word play. The more one writes the more they expose themselves to criticism which is a common thing in this kind of job. Positive criticism leads to improvements in the quality of work written and this in results gives you a slight edge over regular writers.
The advantages of writer jobs definitely outweigh any arguments against them. If you desire to feel fulfilled in what you do it is perhaps time you thought of embarking on this rewarding career path. Do you love words? Can you do something with your love of words? Writer jobs are the way to get started.


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